Donald Trump Jr. Visits Charleston

Donald Trump Jr. was in Charleston this afternoon to back a candidate in the West Virginia Senate Race.

GOP Candidate, Patrick Morrisey, said he was honored that Donald Trump Jr. traveled to West Virginia
to show his support of Morrisey.

He went on to say we are fortunate to have a President that cares deeply about our State, and that this
race could determine whether the GOP controls the U.S. Senate in 2019.

Trump Jr. stated that his father may not be physically on the ticket but that everything President
Trump has implemented is at stake.

“On issue after issue on things West Virginian’s care about, President Trump has delivered. So it is
especially terrific to have someone from the Trump family and Donald Trump Jr. is doing a great job getting out and talking about these incredible results for our State,” said Morrisey.

Trump Jr. said, “To have people on our side that are willing to fight for America for a chance.”

Many questions were presented to Donald Trump Jr. and Patrick Morrisey at the end of the press conference.

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