Domestic Violence Calls Especially Dangerous for Police

West Virginia troopers, a Swat Team, and even FBI officials surrounded this apartment complex on Tuesday morning after a West Virginia trooper was shot three times while responding to a domestic violence call.

Unfortunately, stories like this one are very common. It’s statistically proven that a domestic violence call is the most dangerous phone call a police officer can respond to. In fact, 14% of officer deaths in 2016 occurred while responding to these types of calls.

Clark McCormick, the Domestic Violence Police Officer for Beckley, told us, “Any domestic violence call is extremely dangerous. Emotions are running high. People are upset. Our job is to go in and try to do everything we can to diffuse the situation.”

However, domestic violence is about one person’s desire to control another. So the police officer who arrives at the scene is taking away some of that control.

“When we approach a home and there’s a domestic situation going on you know the police are kind of like sitting ducks. We’re working for the mercy of whoever is inside the home. So we have to use every precaution we can, but it’s a very dangerous situation to walk into,” McCormick added.

Fortunately, agencies around the country are improving their domestic violence training programs. As well as requiring officers to respond in teams for calls like these.

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