Do You Want To Learn How To Ski and Snowboard?

FLAT TOP, WV (WOAY)-  Have you always wanted to learn how to snowboard or ski, but been afraid to try? Well, this month is your opportunity.


January is National Learn How to Ski and Snowboard month. One local ski resort, Winterplace, is offering tips and lessons to help visitors and residents learn how to participate in winter sports safely.


“We shape the snow to make it easier to learn how to turn, how to stop, and how to get balance with your skis and snowboard. With trail base learning, we’re able to get you to have fun faster,” said Tom Wagner, Executive VP of Winterplace Ski Resort.


National Learn How to Ski and Snowboard month allows instructors like Martin Hardy, a National Consultant, to help beginners and even advanced learners to have a safe experience on the slopes.


“There will be a set of bank turns which help you gauge to turn left and right. They are going to have things called rollers, where you actually go up and over and will help to speed control you. So basically, the terrain will remove the fear to allow the instructor to teach you better skills,” said Hardy.


Whether you are a first time skier or an advanced snowboarder, this month can help you to enjoy the winter and ski resorts that West Virginia has to offer, whiling utilizing good safety skills.

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