DMV Fees Increase For Vehicle Registration Renewals

 Most people put off a trip to the DMV but an increase of an extra $21.50 charge starting July 1st in West Virginia did not put off their procrastination. “With what’s going on in West Virginia, the jobs or the lack of jobs, I just think it’s a little high for us right now”, said Deborah Lilly, resident of Beckley. Another resident of Beckley, said she waited in line at the DMV for two hours and is not happy. “Here you’re paying taxes on everything, everything you own, every piece of equipment, every four wheeler, so it’s like no I’m so against it, I’m frustrated with it”, said Cheryl Lilly-Williams. 

The West Virginia Legislature came up with the idea that passed during the Special Session. In an interview with WOAY, Delegate Mick Bates told us, “People want us to fix the roads, they want us to build roads and finish roads, put people to work with infrastructure in West Virginia. DMV fees along with tolls and increases in gas prices is a logical place for us to go get the money to do that, to put that to work.” In an interview with Metro News, DMV Commissioner Pat Reed stated, “The idea is to try to get our roads better in West Virginia and this was the way the Legislature approached it.” 

A few residents at the DMV told us its a price they’ll pay if they have to in exchange for living in West Virginia. “It’s time that we realize we need to probably increase the cost of some things, so we can apply better opportunity for the residents of West Virginia”, said Jim Wills, resident of Beckley. While Michael Wyco who is also a resident of Beckley added, “Get the money in the right direction, get the roads fixed. Hey, lets get that Coal Field Expressway completed, my goodness.”

Other people that spoke with WOAY told us that they have multiple cars to register and therefore it will be very costly. The current $30.00 for vehicle registrations for regular class A plates will change to $51.50 starting July 1st. Special plates will be an additional $21.50 on top of the special plate fee. Local Media report, drivers who’ve already received vehicle registration renewals for July and August must include the amount difference in their DMV payments.

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