Destiny Ministries reflects on opioid awareness event

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Destiny Ministries Reflects on their opioid awareness event from earlier this weekend. 

Dozens of people showed up Friday and Saturday to the event at Linda K. Epling Stadium, and Destiny Ministries was happy with the turnout. They say they are even planning to have similar events in the future. One of the organizers of the event Tim Epling says that those struggling with opioids should always have help if they need it. 

“We just think it’s so important for these people that are hurting. It’s just not opioids, it’s an addiction. It is something that they’re struggling with internally with their families and all that. We just have the resources that can really help them get connected with the people that they need to be with,” Epling said. 

Anyone struggling with addiction is encouraged to contact Destiny Ministries for assistance. 

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