Deputies and Dogs stops in Oak Hill

Oak Hill–  Sheriff Mike Fridley teamed up with Chief Mike Whisman and the Oak Hill police department to conduct their fourth Deputies and Dogs.

Deputies and Dogs took place at Pineknoll Apartments today from 12 to 2pm.  This event allowed the citizens of Fayette county and the city of Oak Hill to come out and meet their police officers.  Deputies and Dogs is a summer long campaign the Sheriff’s Department is hosting and it gives the Sheriff’s department a chance to give back to the community, but there is more to this event than just handing out free hot dogs.  “You know there is nothing like having a smile giving a child a hot dog and a smile when they tell you thank you, or sticking a badge on them and saying you are a junior deputy or a junior police officer.  That makes your day and that’s what it is all about” says Sheriff Mike Fridley.

Friday August 11 will be Sheriff Mike Fridley’s 5th Deputy and Dogs.  Free hot dogs will be given out at the Fayetville Elementary’s Open House from 4-6pm at the Memorial Building.

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