Deputies and Dogs Event

Law Officials handing out free hot dogs to the public is not usually a common thing you see. But, for the Fayette county Sheriffs office they say it now will be. Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley told us, “I came up with the idea with the help of Corp. Stephens that we get out in different areas of the county and get to know the public and the public gets to know us. They can bring their concerns to us and stuff, so what a better way to do it with hot dogs!” 

However, the event is not only for the public to get to know the sheriffs office better but someone else will be traveling with them as well. Teri Harlan, Administrator for Fayette county Health Department added, “Sheriff Fridley invited the Health Department to share in this event. So, we are going to be going around and just talking to people about what their concerns are as far as substance abuse. Also, just what they expect from the Health Department and what they would like to see us do.”

The Sheriffs office will be having this event, better known as, “Deputies and Dogs” every other week.  They will be traveling to the different towns throughout the county, starting with Ansted! When we asked the residents what they thought of the event, they had nothing but positive things to say!  “I think it’s fantastic I think it’s great, I am glad to see community and Sheriffs department getting together. I hope that the same thing will happen Ansted police department they can get together a little closer with community too” said resident of Ansted, Cherly Holcomb. Another resident added, “It’s for the people that love this town, I love this town and I just think it’s great.” 

All of the hot dogs were donated by Ansted’s local store, “Piggly, Wiggly”  The Sheriffs office hopes to see you at their next event! 

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