Denise Burditus: Tragedy Of The Las Vegas Massacre

Denise Salmon Burditus, West Virginia born and raised, was one of the first victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas to be identified.


According to West Virginia MetroNews, Denise was attending the Sunday night Jason Aldean concert at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when shots began to fire.


Tony Burditus, Denise’s husband wrote on his Facebook page, “it saddens me to say that I lost my wife of 32 years, a mother of two, soon to be grandmother of five this evening in the Las Vegas shooting. Denise passed in my arms.”


Minutes before the shooting, Denise posted a picture of her and her husband enjoying the concert on her Facebook page. Unfortunately, the venue became the scene of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.


The couple had been looking forward to the concert and the trip to Las Vegas. They both grew up in Hedgeville and lived in Martinsburg. Tony and Denise were reported to be high-school sweethearts. Today, Tony posted a picture of the couple on his Facebook page as many friends and family expressed their sympathy for his loss.

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