Delegate Fast Meets With Fayette County Teachers

FAYETTEVILLE– Delegate Tom fast was met by a large group of teachers in Fayetteville after calling an impromptu meeting. While teachers are currently concerned with a number of issues, one seems to stand above the rest.

 Dana Davis, the choir director at Collins Middle School says, “I went out in the walkout of 1990 and we agreed not to take a pay raise so we could have a fully funded PEIA and that has never happened. That is my concern now, that we find something that will fully find PEIA.”
While many said they felt the meeting was a good step, some are concerned they still aren’t being heard.
Jason Crouch, Fayette County Education Association Co-President said, “I feel like he listens but he doesn’t hear us. He wants to hear us but he doesn’t because he has consistently voted against public education and things that are not good for public education.”
Christy Gill, President AFT-Fayette says, “I think he has felt the disappoint we have had. His votes are not always on our side and sometimes they are very disappointing.”
But Delegate Fast says he is listening.
“There were some ideas mentioned tonight that I want to take back and I want to have a personal meeting with the speaker of the house tomorrow and discuss these ideas with him so we can create a permanent funding source as best we can,” Fast said.
Union leaders say this won’t end until they can sit down with the governor and leaders of congress to work on a deal. Fast says they are working on it.
“I was advised today that there have been those kinds of meetings except the governor,” he said. “We are not ignoring this at all. It is on everyone’s mind. At the same time we have just an enormous amount of other bills and other matters we are taking care of but this is primary.”
Fast says he hopes a special session is not needed to work this out. Teachers say they are prepared to continue until they get what they are asking for.
Davis said, “We have to because if we back off now it’s all going to be a waste of time. We have to show them how serious we are about this. We are all in this together. We are 55 strong.”
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