Delegate Fast Holds Second Town Meeting With Teachers

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – This is the second meeting this week Delegate Fast held with the community to discuss their concerns with teacher wages and PEIA rates.

The meeting comes after several protest at the Capitol. Earlier in the week Governor Justice announced a 5% pay increase to teachers, leaving the House and Senate to cast their votes. On Saturday the Senate voted to approve the 5% increase but later amended it due to a mistake. The Senate did vote again and approved a 4% increase.

Several teachers continuously asked Delegate Fast how did they make such a mistake,┬áhe adds that it was “a staff person who put the wrong bill on the table it was a mistake, however it’s my understanding that procedural wise they corrected their mistake by recalling the vote and voting again.”

There’s a chance that teachers could receive only a 2% raise starting in July and 1% raise over the next two years since that bill has already been signed and approved by both parties along with Governor Justice.

“If this 5 percent increase dies and does not pass then this 2-1-1 bill has already been signed into law so it would be effective,” Fast adds.

Over the weekend the Senate was unable to come to an agreement which has led to the appointment of a conference committee which will consist of three House members and three Senate members.

Delegate Fast adds that if the bill does not pass by midnight on Saturday it will simply die and if that occurs they may have to go into a special session on Sunday or sometime the following week.

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