Dedication Ceremony For Boy Scout Welcome Center

Hard work, dedication and leadership all paint the picture of the new J.W. and Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center,  that has now been officially opened. The welcome center is named after the Ruby family who wanted to show outsiders the beautiful mountain state. One of the National Board of Directors for Boy Scouts of America, Jack Furst added, “They, also wanted a place that could serve lots of folks particularly youth and then came in the Boy Scouts. So, as we oriented this project, it really was the wishes of the Ruby’s that we tie West Virginia and the Boy Scouts together. It is natural for this Welcome Center to do that.” 

Now, after today’s ceremony, the Boy Scouts of America will be able to call this their new home. In 2019 the Boy Scouts of America will welcome the first ever World Jamboree. Those scouts will also be the first World Jamboree to use this new Welcome Center as a gateway to the Summit Bechtel Reserve. 

After, President Donald Trump visited the National Boy Scout Jamboree on Monday. Governor Jim Justice said the new center even caught Trump’s attention when they passed by it on the way to the Jamboree. Governor Jim Justice told us, “It is beautiful, I mean coming by here yesterday with President Trump. He turned to me and he said look at that building, isn’t that fabulous and everything. That’s absolutely beautiful and everything. So, if the President of the free world you know it catches his eye it ought to be duly noted just how great it is and especially that it’s in West Virginia.”

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