Decades Later A Stone Wall Is Still The Talk Of The Town..

A stonewall in Oak Hill could potentially become a historical landmark. Eighty-two year old, Bob Brown of Oak Hill decided to build a rock wall around his property when he moved to his new home from Ohio. Little did he know that this wall would become the talk of the town and still be till this day. “I have not really made an exact measurement but it’s probably about three tenths of a mile, maybe a little more but it’s in that range.” said Brown, when we asked him how long the wall was.

Brown said that ever since he finished the wall, he has seen people stop and take pictures of it and even ask him about it. When we asked him how he felt about being the builder of this impressive single handed wall he said, “Am I proud of it? Yeah I guess I am nostalgically enough very clearly to have a lot of satisfaction, because I spent a lot of time on it.”

After the Browns moved into their home in oak hill in 1970, it wasn’t until two years later at the age of 36 Brown began to build the wall without anyone’s assistance. Brown finished the wall in 1982 and is thankful for the appreciation the town has shown for it. And after all these years, Brown himself enjoys looking at the wall and can’t imagine lifting those rocks again. “What I have big trouble understanding is those rocks got a lot heavier than they were when I put them in when I was 35-40 years old.” said Brown with a smile on his face. 

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