DC woman pees on bus, arrested after she threw it on the bus driver

Metro Transit Police have arrested a woman who allegedly urinated in a cup on the back of a bus and then hurled the urine on the bus driver before running away at a bus stop in Northeast D.C.

Opal L. Brown, 38, of Southeast DC was arrested Wednesday, according to Metro Transit police.

According to Metro, the incident happened around 6:14 p.m. Saturday.

Metro says Brown urinated in the cup while other passengers were nearby. In surveillance video, she is later seen standing near the front of the bus waiting to get off.

When the bus stops at a stop on Minnesota Avenue, NE, the woman turns and throws the urine on the driver before running away headed southwest on the same street.

The stop where the incident happened is on the east side of Minnesota Avenue just north of Benning Road.

Metro says the bus was on the X2 route and was headed to the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station a short distance to the northeast.

Watch her do it by clicking here.

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