The Day After The Big Storm

Severe storms hit Southern West Virginia hard on Wednesday leaving many people without power for hours. Several restaurants in Fayetteville and Oak Hill lost their power, having no choice but to close their restaurants until the power was back on and working.

Manager at Pies and Pints Restaurant in Fayetteville, Angie Bard said, they lost their power Wednesday morning and it stayed off until the next day. “It flickered on and off a couple of times till about 10:45 and then just went out.” Café 110 in Oak Hill luckily didn’t lose their power which made business even busier than usual for them. “A steady flow of people from 11 o’clock till 9 or 9:30, like even though our afternoon where it slows from 2 to 5, the restaurant was still full.” said Owner, Don Williams. Williams said, the restaurant extended their hours and stayed open a little bit later than usual due to the abundance of customers that continued to come in.

Although several restaurants in Fayetteville and Oak Hill have their power, residents are still waiting. Daniel Lacava and Kelly Buskirk of Fayetteville who were having a bite to eat at Café 110 said, “It should be back on, on Sunday their saying but not hundred percent.” While, residents from Oak Hill who were walking into Secret Sandwich Society said, “It went out when the power lines hit by Little Ceasers, they all went down.” said, Matt Winn. Residents were told the power will not be fully back on until Sunday, March 5th. In the meantime, they are trying to stay warm and hoping it comes back on before then.





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