Daughter throws parade for mom retiring from Fayette County School System

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Edie Davis has been working as a secretary for Fayette County Schools since 1989. This week she’s officially retiring.

To help celebrate the occasion, her daughter Heather Pack put together a surprise party parade with all of her friends and family. 

“She just deserves it. She’s been part of this community for so long. She’s been a cheer coach and part of the school system for so long. I just really wanted to celebrate that with her,” Pack said.

Heather invited dozens of people to drive by her mother’s home and celebrate with her. She says social media helped her find her mom’s closest friends and coworkers. 

“I use social media a lot, so I just got on my mom’s Facebook page and really just went down her friends list and invited everybody.”

Davis says that working full time had made it tough to balance time between her friends and family and her job. Now that she’s retiring, she plans to spend more time with her family. 

“Spending more time with them. Because when you work full time it’s hard to have full time with them, full time with mom, full time with school. So I want to do a good job at no matter what I do,” Davis said.

Although Davis doesn’t have any concrete retirement plans yet, she’s happy to have extra time to spend with her loved ones. She says leaving Fayette County Schools and entering this new stage in her life will be an incredible experience. 

“It’s bitter-sweet. I’m looking forward to the next thing which as you can see is my grandchildren and my mother who’s elderly now, she’s 89. So I think that’s the next step I need to take.”

Edie Davis has been an employee with Fayette County Schools for 34 years. 

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