Dad dressing his toddler son in Disney characters is your pre-Halloween dose of cuteness

(ABC NEWS)- A Utah dad who is taking his love of “Toy Story” to “infinity and beyond” by dressing up his son in adorable Disney-themed costumes is getting quite the “buzz” online.

Tucker Bohman created the Instagram account @toystorydad, where he shares photos and videos of his son Beckham dressed up in Disney looks.

Last week, a video of Hamm and his cousin dressed up in a homemade Slinky Dog costume during a recent trip to Disneyland was viewed more than 285,000 times on Instagram and more than 11 million times on his Facebook page since last Friday.

Bohman first created the Instagram account @toystorydad to show off his collectible items from the movie. But when his son was born, he posted a photo of the baby dressed in a Woody onesie, surrounded by a few of his collectibles, and received positive responses to the post. From there, it took off.

During a trip to Disneyland earlier this year, Bohman and his wife dressed up Beckham, then about six months old, in a Woody outfit they had purchased from a Disney store. Bohman said people stopped them to take pictures of their miniature Woody all day.

“People at Disneyland were freaking out,” he said. “We had crowds around us every time we sat down at a bench. People came up to us, took pictures. I would go into the bathroom to change his diaper and I would come out and there would be a crowd of people wanting to see him.”

The interest was surprising, but also exciting. “I [thought] ‘This is really weird, but also kind of cool at the same time.'”

After this trip, both he and his wife Rachel decided to devote themselves to the account and expand the project, including making their own costumes.

“There [aren’t] a whole lot of costumes you can buy, especially if you’re a boy,” Bohman said. “It’s all about the princesses.”

“So we decided we’d have to start making them,” he continued. “I’m really good at coming up with ideas like the Slinky Dog thing, but executing them, I’m not super crafty.”

Rachel Bohman, however, was there to save the day.

“My wife is amazingly talented — I don’t know how she does things,” Bohman said. “Just being able to draw stuff and create some of the ideas that I have.”

The family of three makes the trip over to the park in Anaheim, California, about every two months. Bohman said they usually dress up the now 1-year-old Beckham in one outfit or sometimes multiple looks to get the necessary photos.

Utah dad Tucker Bohman aka Toy Story Dad and his wife Rachel dress up their son Hamm in Disney costumes and share the adorable results on their Instagram account, @toystorydad.
“He milks it up. As we say, Hamms it up,” the proud dad said. “He just knows that he’s cute and just walks around with his chest puffed out.”

Now with thousands of followers on their social media accounts, the family has no plans of slowing down. In the countdown to Halloween, they are posting a picture of Beckham dressed up as a male Disney villain every day during the month of October and calling it “Hamm’s Happy Haunts.”

He’s been Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Syndrome from “The Incredibles” so far.

“We knew we wanted to do something not necessarily different, but just special for October since that’s the costume season,” Bohman said. “We spent a lot of time thinking, because we wanted to not necessarily do all the girl ones, just kind of keep it boy since that’s kind of our niche thing that you can still dress up a boy.”

“It was really hard to think of 31 Disney villains that it would be possible to make a costume out of because there are barely 31 as it is,” he added. “Then things that we can actually pull off.”

The Utah family of three now makes the trip over to the park in Anaheim, Calif., every two months.

Although admittedly a lot of work, the viral video has provided motivation for the family to keep pushing forward with the account.

“It’s like a whole new world,” Bohman said. “But super cool to see that there’s people all over the world that are finding joy in this video. [It] makes the hard work pay off.”

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