Cyclists stop in Fayetteville during cross country trip

A group of cyclists biking across the country made their way into Fayetteville County Thursday.

They call themselves the deCycles. They’ve been biking from Indiana to the Atlantic Coast every summer since 1968. It’s a fifteen hundred mile journey that takes three weeks. Forty high school and college students, accompanied by adults, take the challenge and average ninety miles a day.

The deCycles arrived in Fayetteville Thursday and even went rafting in the New River before continuing the trip, saying they’ve loved their time in West Virginia.

“I really enjoyed coming to Gauley Bridge,” cyclist Mekaea Miller said. “That’s where we stayed yesterday and just the route from there to here so far, there’s lots of waterfalls and mountains and we went white water rafting down the New River yesterday. It was just so pretty.”

If you think you have what it takes to be deCyclist, visit their website at

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