Culvert Concerns in Kincaid

A Kincaid woman contacted Newswatch over an issue she’s having with Norfolk Southern Railway. Tammy Payne Skidmore says a culvert the company installed is eroding her property, and putting her house in danger. Tammy says Norfolk Southern installed the culvert after floods in 2001.

“I do feel like my home is in danger, and I would like to protect my home for my children. I’m not looking for money for myself.. just to fix the damage that has happened,” says Tammy.

Tammy tells Newswatch a Norfolk Southern representative visited her home multiple times and told her the culvert was to blame. But when Tammy filed a claim with the company, a claim representative told her Norfolk Southern’s culvert wasn’t the problem, and that her problems were caused by standard flood damage.

Newswatch reached out to the claim representative who would not agree to an interview.

Tammy is not taking NO for an answer and has plans to meet with a representative of Congressman Evan Jenkins.

Their are engineering solutions that can save Tammy’s home, but they cost money and she is running out of time.

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