Cpl. Levi Garretson Receives Awards

The city of Mount Hope along with the Mount Hope Police Department honored Cpl. Levi Garretson with numerous awards on Tuesday night.
The town hall meeting was full of guests waiting to see Cpl. Garretson receive his awards on Tuesday night for saving an elderly woman’s life from her burning apartment back in September.
He received a Letter of Commendation from Chief Stan Ellison,
a Legislation Citation from the state of West Virginia, a Life-saving metal, and an award from the American Police Hall of Fame.
Cpl. Garretson was surprised by all the awards he received for doing what he felt was his job.
“Chief kept it a pretty good secret so it was a shock. I’m just happy I was awarded that, it’s an honor definitely”, said Cpl. Garretson.
NewsWatch thanks you for your service Cpl. Garretson and congratulations on your awards.

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