Courtesy Patrol Program

The West Virginia house of delegates passed a bill last Tuesday on a 58-41 vote. The bill would eliminate the Courtesy Patrol Program. If the senate passed this bill and was signed by Governor Justice, the Patrol program would end July 1st. Remaining funds from the program would then go towards state road funds by that date. Jennifer Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of The Citizens Conservation Corps (CCC) says, “It’s really important that are legislative leaders and decision makers don’t just look at the cost only, but look at the value of the program.”

CCC has placed over 2000 people into jobs for the Courtesy Patrol program. Currently over 100 are employed with the program. Jennifer Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of CCC says, “The Courtesy Patrol Program has placed over 2000 individuals into jobs, right now we currently have over 100 individuals that are employed through the Courtesy Patrol Program.”

The employees currently help assist civilians who are broken down on the side of the road. Examples could be a driver running out of gas, needing a spare tire mounted on the car, they are even certified in CPR, you name it, they can help those in need. These patrollers also take part in the states home land security and amber alert system. Jennifer Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of CCC says, “Are trucks are equipped to handle some one who has run out of gas, maybe needs their tire changed. One of the things that’ll be lost, we don’t just provide comfort and aid, our drivers risk their lives everyday. They are certified in first aid CPR, they are part of state’s homeland security and amber alert team.”

If this helpful program shuts down, it would be a devastating job lose for West Virginia. Recent times have been economically tough for the state. Hiring employees to help others in dire need in this great program should be an important reason to keep this service rolling.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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