Counties prepare for elections by providing PPE for poll workers

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – As elections draw near in the coming months, counties are beginning to take extra precautions to handle the large crowds. 

Despite the increase in vote-by-mail initiatives, many people still prefer to vote in person. Raleigh County Clerk Danny Moore says the county is ordering PPE for poll workers as well as other protections for voters. 

“We are ordering face shields, masks, gloves. I don’t know how much or what we are going to get for each precinct, but we’re getting hand sanitizers for them. We have ordered q-tips. When they come into vote they will have a q-tip to hit the screen with,” Moore said. 

The county is also insisting people keep distance from one another while waiting to vote, and to bring a face mask if they can. 

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