Construction Begins On Two New Fayette County Schools

FAYETTE COUNTY., WV (WOAY) – The warm weather is the perfect time for construction and the progression is coming along for two new schools in Oak Hill.

With over 15 months of planning the construction is underway for Collins Middle and New River Elementary.

The new schools will be provided with safer walls, and will be built on a stronger frame.

Terry George Fayette County Superintendent adds, “We have a school in Mt. Hope that sliding off its foundation, we have another older elementary school in Oak Hill so we needed to replace those. Collins Middle School was condemned and close so that’s the reason why we needed a new Middle School here.”

The new elementary and middle schools will open August 2019. Also the Renovation process will soon be completed on Oak Hill Highschool.

Next March Fayette County community leaders will be voting to determine if teachers will have a preference over which school they can transfer to.

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