Concord University Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

ATHENS, WV – Concord university had a ribbon cutting ceremony today for their new LED lighting  Efficiency project. The campus and classrooms are now better lit due to LED lighting.

A Ribbon cutting ceremony was held today in university point at concord university for the finish of their LED lighting efficiency project.

” I’ts environmentally cleaner! I’ts saving a lot of energy, it’s not going to cost us anymore than we’ve been paying in the past and we think we’ve freed up some employees who normally took care of that.” Kendra Boggess, Concord University President

The project was lead by Helios Energy consulting company based  in Nashville Tennessee. The company used local contractors to help install the new lighting.
” The lights on this campus have come with a seven year warranty. Not a single led, halogen or metal highlight bulb left on campus. Its all LED technology whether it be a fixture or a bulb.” Said Chris Nelson, Helios Energy CEO

Students and faculty have the opportunity to teach better, to learn better, see better, and feel safer with this new lighting.

” Students have said that they feel safer on campus and that frankly is the number one thing that we worry about here we want to make sure everyone on our campus is safe. For me I think it just makes you feel better when you have good lighting. Said Mrs. Boggess

The transition from fluorescent lights to Led lighting has seems to be a positive switch for concord university

” The reality is that its not a matter if your going to convert to led lighting, its the matter of when. Who your going to partner with to do it, how much your going to pay and what value are you going to get.” Said Mr. Nelson

This new led lighting efficiency project is not only great for the campus but its great for the overall environment.

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