Concord University Host Wellness Fair

ATHENS, WV –  Concord University hosted their annual wellness fair. The wellness fair was open to students and the community to educate and provide different types of health services

” The purpose is really to help people get a basic level of health screening but also become aware of what is in the area for health and wellness.” Said Dr. Jill Nolan

Things that can be done to protect the body from getting sick are maintaining a healthy diet, exercising to keep the immune system strong and taking multivitamins

“We also provide flu shots which is really important for everybody to get their flu shots.”

” It will make your antibodies fight off the flu it will help your immune system so I think everyone should get one.” Said Victoria Saunders

Several health services were provided at the wellness fair including organizations that provide care for people who have experienced trauma

” Their mental and physical health it all ties together so we’re here to let people know what their options are as far as the community goes if they want to seek medical help if they don’t if they want counseling if they don’t were here for all of that.” Said Amanda Moore, Program coordinator for Family Refuge center

It’s important to know what’s going on in your body whether it be physical mental or emotional

” I think its another nudge in the right direction so I think the more cues and environmental reminders we can have about health and wellness the better.” Said, Dr. Nolan

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