Community Reacts to “A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier” Date Changes

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – It was a big surprise when the Greenbrier Classic was renamed to ‘A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier’, months later another change was made to the summer event.

The event has become one of the biggest PGA tournaments since its inception in 2010. Each year professional golfers and fans from across the globe make special plans to head to Americas resort.

Virginia resident Steve Barb told Newswatch he attends this event every year. “Number one I’m a golf fan. I love golf and this area makes a challenge for golfers.”

Over the years several changes in the dates have occurred, then in early 2018 the name was changed to ‘A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier’.

Executive tournament director Habibi Mamone, announced that in 2019 the PGA event will be held in the fall saying that attendees may start seeing bigger names in the tournament.

Mamone adds, “I think with us being the first for the wrap-around season your going to see players eager to get out and play so I think you’ll see players who haven’t been able to attend, be able to.”

Over the years the tournament has gained some loyal fans who return each year and they’re a little weary about the change.

Huntington Resident, Susan Dillard said, It’s so beautiful here but in the fall the weather is very iffy you never know whether it’ll be cold or warm.”

Each year hundreds of people sign up to volunteer during the week long festivities. Many of them are teachers and students. With the date change that could potentially lower the amount of volunteers the event receives.

Karen Miller said, “I’m a teacher so there may be a couple days I won’t be here but for Saturday and Sunday I will.”

The Greenbrier already has plans to use a different approach in order to gain volunteers.

“We’re targeting different audiences an we actually have a full-time volunteer coordinator whose going to be dedicated to just that,” Mamone adds.

The finalized dates for the 2019 tournament will be released within the next week.

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