Community Members Remember Lives Lost During Holocaust

BECKLEY.,WV (WOAY) -A remembrance in a local community took place today to pay respects to the lives lost during the holocaust .

From 1933-1945 over six million victims from the holocaust were tragically massacred, though time has passed the pain is still felt throughout the world.

During the observance several community members approached the podium to pay their respect to the lives lost, the theme during the observance was “lest we forget”.

Rabbi David Sofian said, “If we do not allow the memory to die we can continue to be influenced by that memory and maybe make the world a better place so that this does not happen again.”

The observance is held each year on WVU Tech campus and this years day of remembrance shed light on Max Lewin a local community member who started the tradition. Lewin came to Beckley after fleeing the holocaust in the 1940s.

The ceremony showed previous interviews Lewin held in order for audience members to hear first hand Lewin describing his traumatic past.

“It was a sad story Max broke down in it several times and it really showed that theirs a real person behind this,” Temple Beth El President Tom Sopher noted.

At the end of the ceremony six candles were lit in remembrance to the six millions Jewish lives lost, while a seventh was lit to represent all the others who died during the holocaust.

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