Community Leaders Tackling Community Problems

Many community leaders gathered at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center this afternoon in order to respond to a community health crisis.
Many of the community leaders spoke on the opioid crisis affecting Raleigh County while others spoke on the public health crisis of Hepatitis C and HIV. Appalachian Regional Hospital CEO Rocco Massey said bringing the community leaders together for this meeting is necessary to formulate a solution.
“Today is about us coming together as a community and formulating good strategies and action plans to help address this before it truly becomes a bigger problem,” said Mr. Massey.
A follow-up discussion on this topic will take place on March 6th at the Beckley ARH Gymnasium.

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Jonathan Chance grew up in Birmingham, AL where he experienced many different types of weather. The storm that is remembered more than any other is the 2011 Super Outbreak. The tornadoes passed within 20 miles of his home and affected the lives of many people around him.