Commerce Secretary Thrasher Resigns After Gov. Justice Request

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – WV Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher has now resigned.

Thrasher resigned today, according to a press release from the Governor. The Governor expressed his appreciation for Woody’s service to the state of West Virginia.

Justice adds, “I consider Woody a friend, and he’s done a solid job in the area of economic development, He continued. “Thrasher expressed to me that recent media attention had distracted from what he believed was his core mission, economic development and business opportunities for West Virginia.”

Justice also states that with the resignation behind us he hopes that we can turn our attention to the full recovery of all of the victims of the 2016 flood.

In a statement Thrasher thanked the Governor and community, “I accepted this appointment because of my love for the state, and because of Governor Justice’s vision that West Virginia and its citizens should not settle for 50th, He continued. “I want the Governor and this state to be successful, and I welcome the opportunity to help any way I can in the future.”


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