“Combating Addiction With Grace” Bringing Awareness to Substance Abuse Prevention


Everyday in our local community, people are battling and dying from substance abuse and addiction.


“I’ve been very close to it now for 3 years in my work. It’s some of the worst stuff that I’ve ever seen. It has gripped cities and our community,” said Greg Delaney, Pastor and Faith Coordinator for Ohio’s Attorney General Mike Dewine’s Heroin Unit.


To assist and bring awareness, the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office held a community conference entitled, “Combating Addiction With Grace.”


The conference is one of the first steps in helping the Beckley community create an action plan for law enforcement, first responders, clergy and organizations.


Tim Kraft attended the conference and shared his battle with his opioid addiction and the importance of overcoming the addiction.


“I did 16 stamps of heroin, 10 roxy 30s. I’d go to the Green Bank Motel hopeless, feeling like there isn’t a way out. I’m carrying guilt, shame, condemnation. I go in and I just start shooting up, trying to erase my problems and I actually overdosed in the room,” said Tim Kraft, a recovering drug user.


Additionally, Kraft explained the importance of overcoming the addiction, “It led me on a journey to find real freedom now. It’s led me on the journey to release that freedom to other people, especially in my hometown. This is so important to me that we’re here in Beckley.”


Events like this bring the community together to help fight the opioid epidemic happening right here in our own backyard.

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