Coalfields Expressway: Blasting 4-Lanes of economic hope into Southern WV

SOUTHERN WEST VIRGINIA (BY: JESSICA LILLY, WV PUBLIC BROADCASTING) – Residents in southern West Virginia are hopeful that the next state and federal budgets will include funding for the Coalfields Expressway. The 4-lane highway broke ground back in 2000 but the idea for the road goes back to the late 1960’s, when the road was called the Beckley to Grundy Road. The infrastructure project is more than 27 years in the making.

Talk about the road coming to towns like Mullens or Pineville, W.Va. has lingered for so long, some residents think it’s just empty promises.

“There is cynicism, of course. There’s probably a word for this but, it’s like, we’re cynical and hopeful at the same time,” said Wyoming County Circuit Clerk David “Bugs” Stover. “No one will be stunned if it doesn’t ever get here. But, we won’t be shocked if it does.”

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