Claims of whistle-blower retaliation at Beckley VA Hospital

WASHINGTON (BY: MICHAEL VOLPE, COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS) – A whistleblower at the Beckley (West Virginia) VA Medical Center (BVAMC) alleges that the Veteran’s Hospital engaged in numerous corrupt acts- including a secret waitlist. When she spoke out, she claims, she was terminated.  Tammy Mitchell is speaking out for the first time about the conditions she witnessed at BVAMC.

A registered nurse for more than two decades Mitchell and worked at the BVAMC starting in 2006; she became the Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)Director at the BVAMC on January 18, 2009.

“My purpose to this letter is to disclose to you thirteen serious wrongdoings conducted by employees at the Beckley VA Medical Center that I discovered immediately after taking that position (Home Based Primary Care Director,” Mitchell stated in a letter to her then-Congressman Bobby Rahall and Senator Joe Manchin, sent on September 5, 2014.

Some of the wrongdoings Mitchell detailed include wrongful patient deaths, intimidation, mismanagement, abuse of authority, and violations of laws.

“I was told to never place a patient on the hospital’s electronic wait list but keep our patients on a private or ‘secret’ wait list in our HPBC file. I was told never to show it (the secret list) to anyone outside the VA.”

Mitchell told this reporter that she only went to her Congressman and Senator after going first to management and the VA Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) be ignored ignored and retaliated against.

“I have received threats on my VA cell phone,” Mitchell said in her letter, “the last one said, ‘This is one of many of the avengers; I’m going to be coming to see you very soon.’”

Mitchell said she contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly after this call which referred her to the VAOIG’s office, but that office went out of its way not to take her call.

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