City of Huntington releases instructions ahead of President Trump visit

The city of Huntington released instructions for those wishing to attend President Donald Trump’s rally on Thursday.

President Trump’s campaign event is scheduled 7 p.m. Thursday at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena.

Trump’s campaign said tickets for the rally are available here.

City officials are advising attendees to arrive as early as possible to avoid traffic congestion and allow time for security screenings. The doors to the arena open at 4 p.m. Thursday.

Commuters from Ohio should use the 31st Street Bridge or 17th Street West Bridge into Huntington, city officials said in a news release.

Roads immediately surrounding Big Sandy Superstore Arena will be closed by noon on Thursday. Additional road closures are expected during the visit.

The municipal parking garage at the southwest corner of Eighth Street and Third Avenue and the two Pullman Square parking garages will be open and available for event parking. City officials said people will be prohibited from using parking garages to view the event.

The Pullman Square parking garage closest to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena will only be accessible from Ninth Street via Veterans Memorial Boulevard until 4 p.m. Thursday. Vehicles will not be able to enter or exit that parking garage from 4 p.m. until after the event. Harris Riverfront Park will not be available for parking.

A section of Third Avenue between Ninth and 10 streets will be closed to traffic at noon Thursday. A large designated area was requested by groups wanting to protest. However, the city of Huntington will not inhibit anyone’s First Amendment right to protest in any area where the general public is allowed, city officials said.

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