Citizen’s Propose Idea Of Starting Dog Park In Fayetteville

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – Keith Spangler recently relocated back to his hometown of Fayetteville from North Carolina. Each day he walks his two dogs Petey and Earl along a trail in Fayetteville.

Keith among other local dog owners do the same thing. Why? There are no designated dog park locations in Southern West Virginia.

Spangler along with several others dog lovers joined forces and created a dog park initiative online.

Sara Yoke Fayetteville Area Dog Park Initiative Creator said, “I’ve created a survey and in four days we’ve already received 123 responses with some really good feedback, 92% are in favor of it.”

Now the survey ask simple questions like would you use the park? What amenities should the park have? An the greatest concern with having a dog park? The group is encouraging all members of the community to take it.

The dog park initiatives feel that with such a high level of travelers entering the area during peak seasons that would be a way of creating revenue for the area.

Yoke adds, “There’s an impact study that showed 638 million dollars was spent in this area. She continued, “If a fraction of those people traveled with dogs this would be a great opportunity to come into Fayetteville and potentially spend more money in the area.”

Though things are still in the exploring stages, the group would love to present something to the city explaining how great of an opportunity this is for the community. Since there are no places dogs and their owners can gather.

Spangler said, “It’s a win-win situation win win win for the humans the dogs and community.”

The group would be willing to become a non-profit and open the park themselves but they would need at least one acre of land.


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