Citizen Warns Drivers of Pothole on Roadway

FAYETTE COUNTY,WV (WOAY)- Running over potholes can potentially damage your car and be costly to repair which is why those small cavities can create a big headache for any driver.

In order to avoid hitting one pothole one citizen took matters into their own hands by spray painting “DANGER” along Legends Hwy adjacent to a pothole on the shoulder.

We then posted the photo online and viewers shared their overall concerns about the roadways in the area some even adding that the roads are always damaged.

Newswatch reached out to the Fayette County DOH who says not all streets are state roads which mean property owners are responsible for the maintenance. They also said the state is working on improving roadways on a daily basis.

“We’re patching holes just about everyday we’ve got such a large area that it takes us time to get through everywhere with the amount of people we have,”¬†Fayette County DOH Administrator, John Dixon said.

The pothole on Legends Hwy has been fixed. If you have any road concerns in Fayette County your asked to call DOH at (304)-465-9613

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