Cities of Montgomery and Smithers to accept tattered and damaged flags for proper disposal

MONTGOMERY, WV (WOAY) – The Cities of Montgomery and Smithers are encouraging any residents with flags that need to be disposed of to drop them off at city hall. 

The Challenge Academy South in Montgomery has agreed to accept tattered flags from the community to dispose of them properly, which they will use as a way to teach cadets proper flag protocol.

They’ve since set up bins at designated locations where flags can be dropped off.

“We had several city flags that needed disposed of and that’s how it originally started,” Montgomery May Greg Ingram said. “I called the Challenge Academy and asked them did they dispose of flags. And at that time they did not but they said that’d be a great teaching tool.”

US flags can be dropped off at Montgomery City Hall at 321 4th avenue, or the Smithers Gateway Center #2 at Greyhound Lane.

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