Christmas Time In The City, Means Time To Shop With A Cop & A First Responder

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Christmas is just two days away and children are ready to open their presents to see what’s inside.

The Fayette County Faternal Order of Police has prepared all year long with help from the community to provide Christmas gifts to children who may have gone with out.

Donations are made by community members all year long for this special occassion and the time has come for children to shop with a cop.

Chief Mike Whisman of the Oak Hill Police Department tells us more about Shop With A Cop.

“This is the largest amount of donations that we had got in, in any given year, this tops them all. In turn we’re  taking over 170 children shopping tonight. We usually only do about 100, this year we’re doing 170 here at the walmart in fayetteville.”

Shop with a cop started off with a dinner for the children and their families, pictures with Santa Claus  and Mrs. Claus, and then they partnered with a cop, grabbed a buggy and shopped.

“Some of these children may not get very much at all for Christmas and we’re providing for them through the donations from people in fayette county and at the same time allowing them to interact with police officers in a way  that most normally they probably wouldn’t get to interact with police officers. The police officers are in a good light.” Said Chief Whisman

The spending limit for each child is $100 which allows them to get things they really want and need.

Money child shares what he picked for his Christmas gifts.

“I got a mic because I need it for for tonight and then I got a basketball for basketball season, and then I got boots so I could fish and I got a fishing pool and a reel so I can fish.” Said Raymond Crist

The children enjoy the time spent while shopping with a cop.

“From the children being thankful at the end of the night coming up and huggin the officers, thanking them for buying their Christmas presents. It wouldn’t be Christmas at all with out taking the kids shopping for christmas and the officers throughly enjoy this time of year with the kids.” Said Chief Whisman

But there not just shopping in Fayetteville. Children is summersville are shopping with first responders.

“It’s actually shop with a first responder because we have fire departments, EMS, and police agencies particiapting.” Said Chief Jay Norwalk, Summersville Police Department

This shopping experience doesnt just brighten up Christmas for the children.

“It does make the christmas alot better seeing all the happy faces and making their christmas special.” Said Chief Norwak

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