ChildLaw Services fundraiser this evening featuring Sabika Daisy Collection

MERCER CO., WV (NEWS RELEASE) — Our ChildLaw Sabika Fundraiser is this afternoon from 5 pm. to 7 pm. ChildLaw is honored to be working with Sabika for the third consecutive year to support Child Abuse Prevention Month.  50% of the Party Total will be donated directly to ChildLaw.  Sabika’s Little Hearts Sabika Daisy Collection along with their other collections will be on hand for review. The Retail Price for the Daisy Necklace and Bracelet is $89 a piece. $15 from every Little Hearts Sabika Daisy Piece sold will be donated to ChildLaw Services.

The Mission of ChildLaw Services is to advocate for the well-being of children by giving them a stronger voice. Through legal representation, ChildLaw offers legal services by court appointment such as Child Abuse & Neglect Representation; Child Custody – Guardian Ad Litem; Child Victims of Crime; Adoption (Contested and Uncontested); Juvenile Delinquency; and Truancy Cases in the State of West Virginia.

The Little Heart Sabika Daisy Collection was uniquely created by Sabika to help raise money for organizations working to keep children safe.

By giving yourself a daisy you are giving a child a chance.   Through awareness we hope that, together, we can change the lives of many children.

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