Child Abuse Prevention Month

Beckley held an event on Tuesday morning to participate in National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
The event is called “Plant A Pinwheel for For Prevention” and it was held at the Mayor’s Office
on Tuesday. Students from the Raleigh Head Start Program and State Police participated in the
ceremony along with the Executive Director of Just For Kids Advocacy Center.
The Executive Director said he wants people to think about the positive things they can do to
keep kids safe in their communities.
“So we want people to think about the positive things they can do to make kids safe and help kids be
safe in their communities and that is what this event is about. The mayor graciously allows us to
keep the pinwheels up most of the month or until the grass gets so high that they have to mow them
down” said Executive Director Scott Miller.
There will be a second event held for National Child Abuse Prevention Month on April 26th. If you
would like more information about this event you can call the Just For Kids Child Advocacy Center at
(304) 255-4834.

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