Chief Stover’s Journey To Retirement

LEWISBURG, WV – All he ever dreamed about was to become a policeman. He accomplished that and so much more, pouring all that he had to give in to being the best officer of the law he could be. After a long journey that spans over 28 years, Chief Stover of the Lewisburg police department has announced his retirement.

Chief Stover joined the police force starting as a first-class patrolman on the midnight shift, then was promoted to corporal, and later he applied for chief and was chosen for the position. But what made him decide to become an officer of the law?
” You’re looking at a little boy here that’s just all he ever wanted to do. I always wanted to be a policeman I never dreamed I’d be able to do it here in my hometown in Lewisburg and things would turn out for me the way they have been chief and everything, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I’ve enjoyed it!” Said Chief Stover
After dedicating almost 30 years of his life to the Lewisburg police department, Chief Tim Stover has decided to retire.
“I’ve been in law enforcement almost 30 years 28 and a half here in Lewisburg. I was eligible three years ago, and you know just wasn’t quite ready to go then. Just here recently I’ve decided it’s time to hang up the uniform and do something else.” Said Chief Stover
Being an officer of the law is not easy, and Chief Stover credits the people in his life that has kept him going throughout these 28 and a half years.
” Family support, your brother officer support, and you know if you get in this line of work its because you want to be here and you know that when you  put this uniform on that you’re going to see bad things and terrible things and it’s also going to be very rewarding at times.” Said Chief Stover
But he has made that same impact on others and having his support and guidance has helped them throughout the years.
“He’s just been consistent steady the same person a good person to work for the thing that I will miss the most about him is just that  his kind of been a rock for this department.” Said Deputy Chief Chris Teubert
In this line of work, partner ships are built but a family bond is what stands strong and although the department is happy for Chief Stover he will be missed tremendously!
“I’ve tried to convince him to stay just until i could retire. he puts his heart and soul into this and he has from day one. He truly cares for people he truly cares for this city for this department.” Said Deputy Chief Teubert
“Probably the comradery with my guys you know i mean and my girls you know again I’ve had a good staff. The law enforcement comm is very tight neat and its a brotherhood.” Said Chief Stover
Chief Stover told me that one of his favorite scriptures are blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of god and I believe after 28 and half years another thing that will be said on that final day is well done thy good and faithful servant.
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