Cheerleading Altercation Erupts At Local Football Game

“They hit him and dallied because he has the scratch on his cheek and this place on here. They also knocked a one-year-old down and her head bounced off the pavement,” said Kim Ennis of Beckley.  

For Kim Ennis she says this past Friday night was suppose to be like any other high school football game, as fans watch their teams tackle one another out on the field. However, she says it wasn’t just the players who were tackling each other but the cheerleaders as well. Ennis added, “They were smacking her, punching her and pulling her hair.” 

According to Ennis who was there to watch her nephew, says the fight broke out when the game had just ended after a Midland Trail cheerleader confronted Valley cheerleaders asking them to stop ripping up their school signs, which led the cheerleaders to then fight the girl. 

“It was the whole Valley Cheerleading Squad pretty much and the fight ended up where people were leaving the stands. Then an African American man shoved the cheerleaders on top of my son and he was strapped in his stroller. His dad then had to pull him out from under,” said Ennis.

When WOAY reached out to both Midland Trail Principal and Valley, they said they could not comment on the altercation that involved the cheerleaders at their high schools. But did state that the situation was addressed.

Ennis said she will never bring her two-year-old son to a Valley High School football game again. She added, “I would like to see these girls punished throughout the squad and be forbidden to go to games. I mean if this was an adult who hurting a child this way they would have a criminal record.”

Ennis also added that the Valley High School Principal did apologize to her.

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