Charleston Police Arrest Man Accused Of Making Terroristic Threats With A Pipe Bomb

A Charleston man is facing multiple charges after police said he was making threats with a pipe bomb

Tony Meredith, 41, is charged with making terroristic threats and being in possession of a hoax bomb, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

On Friday, Charleston police responded to a possible bomb threat from Meredith’s home on Stockton Street. When police arrived, the complaint said multiple people left the apartment before police could talk to them.

As officers investigated the home and worked on setting up a perimeter, a KRT bus driver called 911 to report a note that had been passed by a passenger while making his stop at the Transit Mall. According to the complaint, the note stated that Meredith had what appeared to be a pipe bomb and had mentioned ammonium nitrate and “blowing the face of the planet off.”

When police questioned the man who passed the note to the KRT driver, he told them that he had been at Meredith’s apartment and had observed the pipe bomb.

According to the complaint, the man told police that Meredith had told him that if he had some ammonium nitrate, he could blow the face off the earth. The man told police the next time he saw Meredith, he was on a bicycle with the pipe bomb attached.

Police then returned to Meredith’s residence. The complaint said police told Meredith to come outside and once he did, he was arrested.

While clearing the home, the complaint said officers they found what appeared to be a pipe bomb sitting in plain view. The bomb was made of PVC pipe painted black, with a red wire connecting with a radio sitting next to it.

The complaint said after finding this, they exited the home and evacuated the apartment next door. A perimeter was set up and roads were blocked to prevent vehicle and foot traffic from coming through the area.

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad arrived on scene and after inspecting found there was no explosive material in the pipe bomb.

Meredith is being held in the South Central Regional Jail on $10,000 bond.

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