Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

The 97th Annual Chamber of Commerce dinner was held Friday night at the Beckley Raleigh Convention Center as forty-nine businesses were represented. Many of whom have attended this function in the past. Mortgage Loan Officer at United Way Bank, Chas Turner, said, “When I was a kid I came with my parents but I’ve been coming with united bank now for the past five years now.”

 The room filled up as different companies in West Virginia had the opportunity to mingle with each other and also honor a well respected guest who received the community award. “I was just flabbergasted, I didn’t expect this at all and its chosen with people who work on projects in the community every year, I teach Sunday school, I do flowers as I said earlier around the first baptist church.” said, Attorney at law, Paul Hutchinson. 

The night also included a special speaker , who is well known by the residents of West Virginia..Mark Bowe. I don’t know why they chose me, I think if there’s anybody whose in here that knew me before I became a TV host and they were to see the word distinguished beside my name, they might get a crack up, you know a little bit of laugh at that. But anyway, they’ve invited me here to speak and I am going to be talking about working hard, being kind and taking pride in what you do and hopefully allow you know me to continue holding the flag for West Virginia.” said, Bowe. 

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