Central Regional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force awarded Task Force of the Year

LONDON, KY (WOAY) – The Central Regional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force (CRDVCTF) has been awarded the Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (AHIDTA) Task Force of the Year for West Virginia.

According to Vic Brown, the executive director of the AHIDTA, the CRDVCTF was selected from among 16 HIDTA task forces throughout West Virginia.

The CRDVCTF is led by the West Virginia State Police, but is a joint effort with participating from the Oak Hill Police Department, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Fayetteville Police Department, Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department, Summersville Police Department and functions in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The HIDTA program is administered by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). A component of the Executive Office of the President, ONDCP was created by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.  ONDCP advises the President on drug-control issues, coordinates the drug-control activities and related funding across the Federal government, and produces the annual National Drug Control Strategy, which outlines administration efforts to reduce illicit drug use, manufacturing and trafficking, drug-related crime and violence and drug-related health consequences.

Appalachia HIDTA is an important component of the President’s National Drug control Strategy, which provides additional federal resources to help eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences.  Law enforcement organizations within HIDTA assess drug trafficking problems and design specific initiatives to reduce or eliminate the production, manufacture, transportation, distribution, and chronic use of illegal drugs, as well as money laundering.

Director Brown said, “The CRDVCTF’s commitment and dedication to the mission is surpassed and is to be commended.  Although 2020 was the first year CRDVCTF was a HIDTA funded initiative they hit the ground running and have proven to be a perfect fit for the HIDTA Program.  They routinely go beyond the call of duty.  Undoubtedly, there are many mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers alive today due to the work of the task force.  The task force continues to work to seize large quantities of deadly drugs such as fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine.  They also make sure those who would damage our communities by trafficking in these type of drugs are held accountable.”

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