Central Appalachian Network Progressing Forward

BECKLEY, WV – The Central Appalachian Network held a regional peer-to-peer convening at Tamarack in the conference room. The network has been established for 25 years. The Central Appalachian Network is a network of people in the region that put their minds together to adjust transition for the Appalachian region. Meaning the whole Region not just in the state of West Virginia. From economic development, community change, clean energy and more. Individuals in the network come together and learn from one another through research.

” What we’re looking at is creative place making, food and agriculture systems and sustainable clean renewable energy. And we’re looking at how do we work together to move us forward. So you know what comes out of it we never know but the idea is by being together and learning from each other will propel us forward.” Said Kathlyn Terry, Executive Director of Appalachian Sustainable Development

Anyone who is interested in the network and would like to get involved can visit http://www.cannetwork.org

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