Center for Organ Donation and Recovery and Donate Life West Virginia sharing special story for National Donor Day

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – The Center for Organ Donation and Recovery is combining with Donate Life West Virginia so share one West Virginia family’s story in honor of National Donor Day.

National Donor Day is on February 14th and emphasizes the importance of organ donations for both the recipients and their families. This year’s story has a lengthy and important history rooted in West Virginia.

“The story has historical roots in West Virginia,” said Center for Organ Donation and Recovery Director of Public Affairs. “It was one of the first West Virginia transplants, or kidney transplants, at CAMC. Not only has it affected the family many, many years ago from kidney transplantation, but it’s now, in essence, touched the family through organ donation and then another family member that ended up needing a kidney transplant.”

One of the goals in highlighting this day is to increase the number of people who register to become donors.

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