Celebrating The 115th Anniversary Wright Brothers First Flight


Today marks the 115th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Whats  a better way to celebrate this accomplishment then to go out flying. We sent it to meteorologist Matt bullock with his flight experience

We’re high in the sky, celebrating history. It’s been one hundred and fifth teen years, since the Wright Brothers first flight. And now it’s our turn.

“My dad got me into flying he’d get me up on Sunday mornings and said we’re going flying. He would get us out of bed me and my brother and my sister we all learn how to fly by my dad. He was probably more inspired by the wright brothers and the greats for aviation like Rickenbaker, and Charles Linburgh, those kind of guys back in his era but he was the biggest inspiration.” Said Gary Kessler an American Airlines pilot

Besides being a meteorologist my other dream was to become a pilot. Now I get my chance.

As the wheels went up we started our ascent. We’re soaring through the sky they’re many breathtaking views in southern West Virginia, now let’s see if I can earn my wings.

What an absolute adrenaline rush. Here’s what Gary Kessler thought of my flying?

“You did great if you if you would’ve taken it up as a professional career I think you’ll do just fine. You got it in you” said Gary.


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Matt Bullock is currently the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter for WOAY-TV Matt Bullock has always dreamed about becoming a meteorologist since he was 5 years old. He would draw the 7-day forecast on a wall made out of chalk paint that his mom painted for the family to use. Growing up his role models were Greg Fishel on WRAL, his older sisters, and his parents. Matt loves all kinds of weather including; hurricanes, severe weather, and snowstorms. Matt grew up in Cary, NC. He went to college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated with a bachelors of science in earth and environmental science with a concentration of atmospheric science in June of 2018. He is a proud member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He completed an internship at WRAL in Raleigh, NC during the summer of 2017, winter of 2017, and summer of 2018. Matt moved to West Virginia to take his first job as the weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter at WOAY. You can find him on the weekends at 6 and 11 pm at WOAY-TV When Matt isn’t working he enjoys watching sports. His teams are the Carolina Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Charlotte Hornets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and his alma mater Charlotte 49ers. He also enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends and family. He is always keeping his eyes on the skies as he is keeping up with the weather three times a day. Have any tips or weather questions? Email me mbullock@woay.com