Celebrating National Walking Day!

On Wednesday, people all over the country including the City of Beckley celebrated, National Walking Day. The day was declared by the American Heart Association, who encourages people to get out there and talk a walk and that is exactly what the Board of Public Works did! Street Inspector for the City of Beckley, Jerry Stump, stated, “We have already started with the city of Beckley and active southern West Virginia with a wellness program and here in our department with public works we have been doing a lunch walk, a mile lunch walk for anybody in the department that can come and walk.”

The Board of Public works isn’t only walking for National Walking Day this month but also walked last month to promote good health as well. “You know the betterment of your health, you know the healthier you are the better employee you can be and the least days you’ll miss of work and just a better health you’ll have.” said, Stump.  And it wasn’t only staff members from public works who celebrated national walking day but the Mayor of Beckley joined them for the exercise as well. “Those of us who are here will enjoy the great day and get about a mile under our belt and feel good about it.” said the Mayor of Beckley, Rob Rappold. 

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