CCBCC donates $70,000 to Herbert Hoover High as part of "Big Heart. mini can." initiative

CHARLESTON, WV (WCHS/WVAH) —What better way to celebrate a homecoming Friday than a pep assembly where you get fired up for the big football game? How about adding in a big check for $70,000 to help your school?

That’s what happened at Herbert Hoover as Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated unveiled its “Big Heart, mini can.” grant program, giving the Huskies 70-grand to update athletic facilities and programs.

“When you get corporate America involved in an effort,” Mike Kelley, principal of Herbert Hoover said. “And you get one of the great companies in the history of the country like Coke coming in to give such a sizable donation to our kids, then certainly we’re very grateful for that.”

The money will be used to purchase lockers for Hoover’s football and baseball facilities, bleachers, track and soccer equipment and football play clocks. As other needs are identified portions of the grant can be directed to take care of them.

“For a while there you’d get all kinds of help from the community and in the state,” Hayden Kee, Herbert Hoover senior said. “But, seeing that someone that’s a worldwide organization stepping in to help out our cause is amazing.”

When items arrive, Coca-Cola Consolidated employees will lend a hand to the Huskies and help install them.

“Because we’re part of the community,” Jerome Thibault with Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated said. “And you know, we were here when the flood happened a year ago. We brought water, we brought all the people we could to try to help clean up the area. I mean, we’re just, we’re part of the community and we belive in teamwork and we believe in getting involved. And they only way to do that is to give your time and if you have the resources, water, money, whatever you have available, that’s what we do.”

Some items the grant will pay for have already been ordered. Lockers for the baseball and football facilities should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

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