Causeacon’s Nerdy Walking Club brings nerdy fun to the outdoors

BEAVER, WV (WOAY)- It’s summertime, and the outdoors is calling our names. A unique outdoor club wants you to join in the fun.

Tabletop games like D&D, Pokemon, and Magic bring fairy tales to your table. Beckley’s Causeacon brought those fairytales and magic to our world in more ways than just a table. They created the Nerdy Walking Club, but this walking club brings that magic to the outdoors.

Every Monday throughout the summer, people come to Little Beaver State Park to get out and have fun with fellow nerds. Though why did this start?

“I wanted to have more exercise, I wanted to get out, and I enjoy walking out in nature. And I thought maybe some other people might too. People who just maybe hang out inside a lot,” said Desiree Christian, Nerdy Walking Club organizer. “It’s for people who don’t typically get out and do any kind of exercise. And we do laps around the lake, and we do it in a fun, nerdy way.”

People can take a nice relaxing lap or two around the lake, talk about their favorite games or movies, join in solving a quest, or battle in a monster fight. This group just wants to have a fun time together outside. Exercising can be hard for many and they do this to help get people started in a low-stress way.

“Sometimes exercise alone, it’s hard and you’re not sure where to start, where to begin. But when you’re with a group, yeah, we can talk about fun things. Things that we all have in common. We talk about the latest video games coming out with your favorite anime. We talked about Harry Potter houses last week. Like which house are you in,” said Christian.

If you are interested in joining, you can go to their Facebook page Nerdy Walking Club for details on future events.

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