Capito explains Her “No” vote to remove President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC (WOAY) – U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) today spoke on the Senate floor about why she plans to acquit President Donald J. Trump.


PARTISAN PROCESS: “There is no doubt that the House impeachment process was partisan, politically driven, and denied President Trump his basic due process rights. At the same time, this was obviously a flimsy, rushed, and incomplete exercise. Time and again, the House managers demanded that we do things here in the Senate that they neglected to do themselves during the House proceedings, such as calling witnesses that they refused to do.”

FAIR TRIAL: “Regardless of the failings of the House Managers, it is the Senate’s job—and indeed our oath—to do impartial justice. In keeping with that oath, I supported a trial process that was modeled on the Senate’s precedent from 1999 when it received the support of all 100 Senators. I am glad that we conducted this trial under that process that was fair to both sides.”

GETTING BACK TO WORK: “During this impeachment process, West Virginians approached me all the time to ask why we were spending all this time on a wasted partisan process. They asked me questions like: ‘Why don’t you get on with the business of giving America the confidence that you are working on things that make our lives better, our families stronger, and our jobs more permanent?’”

MOVING FORWARD: “When we rid ourselves of the shackles of politics, we truly can work together on issues like transportation, broadband, energy, ending this drug crisis, and strengthening our military.”

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